How special is Jordan Spieth?

Jordan Spieth. 21 years old. Twice major champion. What a year it has been for the Texas born golf pro. 2015 has seen him claim the Masters title, and now the US Open championship as well. But, just how special is he?

Final Day Dramatics

His second major title didn’t come easily though. In fact, it all looked in doubt as Dustin Johnson settled behind the ball with an eagle putt at the 18th to win the championship by a shot.

It was the easiest putt he could have asked for, slightly turning left-to-right and relatively flat. From 12-foot, it looked as though he couldn’t miss. And he probably wouldn’t hadn’t it of been for one of the most prestigious prizes in golf.

He missed. But he couldn’t miss the five foot second putt to take it to a play-off, could he? Yes. You could see the despair in Johnson’s face as he tapped in the par putt, meaning Jordan Spieth won the tournament by a shot in dramatic fashion.

Spieth’s US Open

Consistency was key for Jordan Spieth at this years US Open. He carded three rounds under par, with a score of only one over par in round three.

He only recorded 11 holes of golf over par, which for a course in the condition Chambers Bay was in, is some feat. Two double bogeys over 72 holes is also commendable, especially with some of the world’s best struggling to even hold par over the four days.

It all ended in dramatic fashion, but for Spieth it means that he is only the 6th golfer to win the Masters and the US Open in the same year, and is excited about his immediate future with the prospect of winning three out of four majors in next months Open.

Compared to the Best?

How does Spieth compare to certainly the best golfer of our generation and arguably the greatest golfer ever, Tiger Woods?

Woods is one of the six players to win the Masters and US Open, however, he had to wait until 2002 to complete the feat, Spieth has done at aged 21.

Nobody will ever rival Woods in his perseverance, and his ability to will himself to a tournament win, even when he wasn’t playing at his best, but Spieth seems to share the same unique preparation and focus.

In terms of cold hard stats, Woods was ranked number one in the world when he was 21, this after winning the Masters and the Byron Nelson consecutively. Spieth is currently ranked second in the world, but closing in quickly on Rory McIlroy and it seems as though world number one is a matter of playing days away.

Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods
Spieth looks up to Tiger, but could it soon be the other way round?

How Special Is He?

Incredibly. In fact, even though he is rated highly by pundits and pro’s alike, I think he could be even more special than what people think.

America has found a new face to replace the faded Tiger. He has found fame for his ability on the course and for his down-to-earth attitude and ambition.

Is Spieth the next Tiger Woods? No. Nobody could ever match the greatest player in this history of golf. But, he comes damn close.

Watch out, the next 10 years will be Spieth’s to define.


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